Stem Cell and Biologic Treatments

Preparing for Your In-Office Treatment

If you are having in-office treatment, remember the following:

  • You must inform Dr. Patel about any medications that you are on and may be required to stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication 2 weeks before receiving therapy.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol one week before the therapy.
  • Ensure you are getting proper nourishment and are well rested to create a healthy environment for your body to be able to repair itself.
  • If you had treatment performed on an extremity (leg, knee, hand or elbow), keep that extremity elevated and use ice as directed. This will help decrease swelling and pain.
  • Take your pain medicine as directed. Begin the pain medicine as you start getting uncomfortable, but before you are in severe pain. If you wait to take your pain medication until the pain is severe, you will have more difficulty controlling the pain.